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So, I probably should have put this up a while ago.

Giles can be a hard character for me to play, and I don't always have much time for canon review. And there have been times in the past and doubtless will be times in the future when I can completely miss the ins and outs of RP etiquette without ever realizing it. I don't mean to, but sometimes it happens and when it does I'll own that and try never to do it again.

So if you think there's something I can do to improve my voicing or characterization, if there's something I've done wrong, by all means please tell me! Concrit is love, and I want to play my muse well. All comments will be screened.

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❤  Affection - how familiar Giles is with you, how comfortable he is in your company ( 1 - 6)

♛ Trust - how much Giles is willing to depend on you, how much he has or would be willing to share with you about the sort of person he is, the bad sides as well as the good, how little he will let himself worry about you (1 - 6)

★ Protectiveness - how much Giles worries after your safety, how far he'd go to ensure that safety, how harshly he'd retaliate against anyone who hurt you (1 - 6)

♧ Threat - how much of a threat Giles would consider you should it ever come down to a fight, how wary he is of that possibility ever arising (1 - 5)

X Mistrust - how suspicious Giles is of you and your motives, how guarded he'll be in conversation around you (1 - 6)

♡ Hatred - how much harm Giles perceives you've done him, how far he'll go to hurt you and how much he'll enjoy doing so, how likely you are to bring out his Ripper side, how much he hates your presence and your company (1 - 6)

No symbol means that Giles either honestly has no opinion on the matter, or that you've given him so many mixed signals that he can't get a proper reading on you. Signals of opposing types are possible.

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This post here is for personal conversations which should happen but one or both of us doesn't want to put up a new post/log and thus we will just thread it out here. It is also good for follow ups to other threads or to play out reactions to other threads that might not occur immediately at the time of the journal post. This can be used to thread with [ profile] consultmybooks  anytime and anywhere. This can either be in person (with action), or via the journal's call feature (voice and/or written).

When replying to this post please mark in the subject line when and how it is taking place, in the style of the following examples:

[Action, March 11th]
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March 2012
March 2012 )
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[It doesn't take a genius, or a former Watcher, to notice that there are newcomers in the village. And normally, this wouldn't alarm Giles - he himself arrived during a New Feather cycle that was out of "synch" with what residents had come to expect. What's a touch more alarming is that not one of the new arrivals seems to have any wings.

And isn't it just a sign of how long he's been here that this is the most alarming thing?

Still. No point in panicking. Probably no point in panicking. He's not going to panic. He's just going And go about his business. Waiting at the plaza for Link, tidying up the nightclub, doing his shift at the library. All the things that normally make up Giles' day, even if meditating by the river really only results in him people watching.

Still. Just a normal day.

This goal is especially aided by the fact that his transformations seem to have ceased. When night falls, he doesn't turn into the great black dragon that has been his shape for weeks now. Instead, no, it's just Giles, patrolling the village as normal in keeping an eye out for any New...comers in distress.]

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[Good evening, Luceti. Giles hopes you're having a pleasant, peaceful, quiet night.

Giles also hopes no one was planning to use the bridge crossing the river near the clinic, because it shatters under his weight as he executes an ungainly dive into the river. It was the only alternative. It was the bridge, or another couple of broken ribs crashing into the ground at speed. And Giles has had enough of those this past week, thank you.

Note to self. Flying is
not like riding a bicycle.

The Night Fury spends a few minutes half submerged in the river, occasionally letting out a few week coughs. Anyone who dares approach is advised to do so with a minimum of sudden movements. It's fairly clear that this is one dragon that's very recently had the fight of its life, shortly followed by the fight of its past life and the life before that. The battering and injuries might have had something to do with the fall.

After a while to rest, the change in the creature is marked, and as sudden as though he'd been poked with a cattle prod again. Enormous yellow eyes fly open wide, and Giles goes from collapsed to on all four paws in an apparent bound with a bit back cry of pain when he accidentally puts weight on his injured foot. But he shakes his head as though to dislodge the pain, gritting his teeth. Then, unless stopped, he'll be racing off. No flying, not yet. He doesn't want to risk making a worse impression on the place than he already has.

House 32, you're getting a visitor tonight. Actually, not just House 32. Anyone who has expressed the slightest interest or concern in Giles' condition these past weeks will find an enormous black dragon settled outside their place of residence tonight, staring at the door or the window with hopeful eyes. He's too big to fit in any building in the village, right now, but he'll be here to talk if you happen to notice he's there and feel like braving the cold. Take your time. Giles could use the rest.

Of course, the world looks different to a dragon than it does to a man.
As a human, Giles can find his way to his friend's houses blindfolded, and once had to do just that. But he's tired, and his eyes aren't the right size, and it's very easy to get turned around. So, whoever you are, wherever you live, you might just look out the window or make the walk home and find a dragon looking intently if tiredly back at you, sitting outside your house or community building.

Maybe come out and see
if you could give directions? Offer up a few raw fish? Or, y'know, just wait. He'll limp away eventually, looking remarkably doleful.

There will be no sign of the dragon come morning. But a video post will turn up after a while, showing Giles sitting on a boat. He appears to be working first aid on himself, and not doing a half bad job of it. Given how little attention he's apparently paying the camera, one might be forgiven for thinking he'd just turned it on accidentally.

Then, of course, he speaks.]

I see that Rydia already gave the, um, the traditional speech. And, as always, did it better than I ever could. A-Anyway. Welcome, all New Feathers. I think I've met a few of you already, although time is...a bit fuzzy, at the moment. H-How, long have I been gone?

[The question seems to cost him something, certainly a great deal of emotional effort for such a simple question. Still, before anyone can answer, Giles shakes himself off.]

Um, I'm all right. For the interested. Apart from being a dragon. Were-dragon. Whatever they've done. All in all, it could be worse. I'm all right.

[He seems distracted as he finally splints his hand, before looking back at the camera. Even so, he offers whoever is looking back a friendly if wan smile.] And to those of you that aren't, my name is Giles. It's, um, i-it's nice to meet you all.

Hello. I'm going to be stopping off at Seventh Heaven for a while. I need to get the taste of fish out of my mouth. And then it's been a while since I've visited the garden. I think I'll s-spend some time there.

Sorry about the bridge.
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[Written - Locked to Giles' and Grunes' CR - Unhackable]
Thank you for your concern these past weeks, even if you have shown it in [...] abrupt impolite forward unusual fashions between the lot of you.

Sad to say, I think your concern for Grune and I might have been well found. I met with Buffy a few days ago, and together the two of us fo...[/Written]

[The message ends there, a line scraping across the page as though the pen was abruptly removed.

Anyone passing along the path between House 44 and House 32 is in for a rude shock. Three droids have all jumped Giles right outside the house. He's fighting back with everything he has, as always, but as always its to no avail. Two sharp blows to the back of the head is all it takes to stop Giles' struggles, although a syringe is injected into his arm for good measure.

The journal never gives any indication what's happened. The path around is torn up and scuffed, however. A fight evidently took place here, and tracks recognizable as belonging to the droids lead away.]

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[Action for House 44, early morning.] )

[After spending late into Christmas morning with his housemates, Giles leaves to wander the village. Practically, he's searching for someone - someone who should be back today, someone he prays will be back today, as unscathed as its possible to be after an ordeal like he's suffered. Oh, Seto, where are you? Giles is giftless while searching for the boy, and anyone who approaches will find him evidently distracted and subdued.

Once Seto has been found and bundled somewhere warm, by the afternoon at least, Giles is in a much better mood and understandably so. A stop back off at the house is made to retrieve what he owes, and then Giles is back out and about in the village to see his friends and give out some gifts. He will be wearing a Santa hat, which he will blame Helios or Ginia for forcing on him. Whether this is really true is anyone's guess.

If Giles can't find you or doesn't know where you live, he'll ask over the journals.
A few of the gifts have had some secondhand repairs made - the shops aren't always kind - but he hopes that you'll find everything useful to use in future.

Happy Christmas, Luceti. Giles hopes it's a merry one for you, whoever you are, because it certainly is for him and you deserve this cheer far more than he does.]

(Gift info and a stupidly long list inside.) )
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Good morning, Luceti! (Cut for shippy stuff that might alarm some viewers.) )

Giles you have to see this! I think I actually made some more progress with this si...gil.

[Oh my. This. Is. Not. A good time.]

[This. Is. The worst time ever. Giles jerks away from Ginia as though he's been given a sharp electric shock before sitting up with a start..]

H-Helios, what on earth are you...[He looks around for a watch before grabbing his off the bedside table.] Good lord, what time is it?!

[Definitely the worst time ever. Ginia squeaks and also rolls away, pulling the blanket up and clutching it to her chest.]

H-Helios! H-hi, g-good morning! Or whatever t-time it is. Did we sleep in? Don't tell me it's already past eight!

[Helios just turns his back toward the two of them very rapidly and he is also moving straight for the door. So stupid! He might be blushing slightly.] Oh my god. I am so sorry Ginia, Giles. I-I should have knocked. I-I'm just...going to go. S-Sorry.

[He is so embarrassed oh man.]

...try a quarter after ten, actually. [Giles snaps the watch shut, stuffs it in his pants pocket, and gets out of bed.] Helios, wait. What's this about the sigil?

TEN?! How can it be ten?! [Ginia sputters a little more as she throws the blanket aside and swings out of bed, pantless, but covered by the hem of Giles' shirt.] Can someone pass me my-- no, never mind, I'll go to my room and change and come back later. Ten! Ack! I need to take Odin out and feed Orenji! [She's already carefully making her way toward the door as she speaks, unknowingly giving the journal and any views a good look at her partially unclothed stated as she continues to bemoan how late into the day it is.]

[Helios freezes when Giles says that. He also moves out of the way as Ginia stalks out the door to get dressed. Oh gods he is the most awkward right now.] I-It c-can wait. I-I'll just let you get, um, t-together and...and wake up first.

[and he is going to go hide in his room because he has a propensity for doing things like this apparently.]

[Sigh. Giles looks helplessly back and forth between Ginia and Helios. He turns to Helios first:] Meet you out front. Just, um, j-just give us a minute.

[It's then that he notices the journal on the ground, goes to pick it up, and...oh god. Is that recording?]

((ooc: Blame Cata and Levy. I am the innocent victim dragged into their nefarious plots. Speaking of which! Joint post, replies will come from [ profile] folkloristic and [ profile] shadedsunlight in their own separate threads. Enjoy this brief comedic interlude during our times of troubles, Luceti? Or just...y'know, give them hell. Forever. Whichever you'd prefer.Tags from Giles will come after I sleep.))

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[Quiet sounds - wind scattered dead leaves that have been tracked into the hall, a kettle softly bubbling, the ticking of a clock and the humming of the stove. Giles enjoys the silence for a while before he speaks.]

Happy Halloween, everyone. Day late and, um, a dollar short, I know, but...we were all a bit preoccupied yesterday, weren't we?

...after all of that, though, I must say I still preferred this fiasco to last year's.

[A chair is pushed back. Footsteps can be heard as Giles starts to pace. Edna gives a soft squeak as he picks her up from the floor.]

For those of you who weren't here for Halloween last year? Count yourselves fortunate - not only were we stuck in truly ridiculous costumes, but by the end most of us were hallucinating and half mad. The Malnosso chose to alleviate the situation by stuffing us all in a tent where a maniac in a beak mask teleported about tearing out our feathers all night.

...shame the masks wouldn't burn as well as the costumes. Personally, I found setting that stupid outfit on fire to be remarkably therapeutic.

Do you know what Halloween was, back home? Halloween was supposed to be the night where the world didn't end and the various supernatural beings we had to hunt for night after night didn't show their faces to cause trouble. They all found it terribly tacky, you understand. To a real vampire - one that's survived longer than a month, I mean - plastic fangs are terribly gauche. Even after everything changed, human hopefuls were still something to be scorned.

...sad as I am to admit as much, I still agree with them. But I'd take tacky over horrifying any day.

[A pause, broken only by a soft "thump" as Edna wriggles out of his grasp and lands lightly on the floor. She stalks away, dignity quite bruised.]

How did you all celebrate Halloween back home, then? If you did, of course, I'm aware it's a rather...specific sort of holiday. For about half our years in Sunnydale, we spent it attempting to avert some disaster or another. Which I suppose just goes to show, tradition can sometimes go and hang.

[A chair can be heard scraping across the floor as Giles takes his seat again. His pencil makes rhythmic "tap, tap, tap"s against the paper.]

I need a boat moved. Or, um, I need help getting a boat moved. Not a very large one, but...well, too big for the transporters. I know it's probably a fairly staggering oversight, building it here, rather than the out by the beach, but [he sighs in mingled frustration and exhaustion] I suppose I never thought we'd get this far...

...still need to name the damn thing.

[Filtered away from Helios Sprensonne, Grell Sutcliffe, and Harth Fray - Unhackable]
How do you talk sense into someone utterly bound and determined to refuse to see it? Or, more appropriately, how do you remove the martyr from his martyrdom? Are any of you honestly still blaming yourselves for whatever you did while wearing one of those ridiculous masks? And if you managed to talk, how the hell did you manage it?

...I'm afraid to take my eyes off him like this and I'm not sure I have the eyes to spare.

[Locked to Grune - 75% unhackable]
[It's a courtesy filter, more than anything else, although a part of him is holding out hope for a pleasant surprise for people if this works out.] I, um, I think I have everything together. You can stop by whenever you want, and we can get to work.

[Locked to Helios Sprensonne, Buffy Summers, Ginia Solana, and Link - Unhackable]
[A long silence, a long drawn out and thoughtful silence, before]

I'm sorry. F-For, for how I acted. With that mask the, um, the...two colored one. I think I've figured out what, wh-what it did to me, and I remember how I was and...

...I'm sorry.
[It's a talk he's had with Helios already, but...Giles wants his friends to hear his apologies without being shouted at in the process.]

[With Helios and Ginia both left in rather poor states by the experiment, Giles can't really bring himself to go far from home or clinic. And, indeed, he'll spend a good part of the day hovering in the vicinity of those two buildings. However, an excuse to get away comes in the form of this strange manifestation of stress baking that had gripped him for most of the morning. Sorry, Grune, but he's already gotten a bit of a jump on the cakes. And the pies. Especially the pumpkin pies.

Most of it is left for Helios - it was his idea, after all - but Giles is going to take advantage of their own survival and the general exhaustion of the village to do something that is probably quite silly. Blame it on the exhaustion, because he does look exhausted, although he's abandoned the librarian clothes for something a little more his style and a little more current century.

Which is to say, he's going to set up a table in the plaza, set out a probably quite impressive array of baked goods...together with a portable kettle of hot tea...and settle in with a book. A small handwritten sign is taped to a space of clear table - "Please take some." If certain people do not stop by his table and take some damn sweets? He'll take the leftovers to them later in the evening. House 7 and the clinic, this means you. the meantime, if you do stop by, you might also catch Giles dozing off in his chair. What? It's been an exhausting few days, and even his patch job on his injuries from Mithos didn't do a damn thing, in the end.]

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[The video feed shows one of the many identical hallways of the many identical Community Buildings. It shows Giles, sitting against the wall just a couple of feet away, and it shows him tossing something at the wall only to have it bounce back to him a second or two later. He tosses it. It bounces back. He tosses, it bounces, always hitting the opposite wall before returning unerringly to his hand.

Observant viewers will be able to identify the object of his attention as a red rubber ball. The ex-Watcher's expression is distant and far away. When a ginger paw bats at his knee to divert his attention, he looks down at Edna and smiles, sadly. He lets the ball drop in front of her, Edna promptly pounces on it for rolly polly antics. But even she seems to see that Giles' heart isn't in it, and after a few minutes she abandons her toy and lets him pick the ball up again. Then the cat curls up against Giles' side and starts to purr. He turns the red rubber ball over and over in his hands. Briefly, his expression is pained, and lost.

It might seem as though Giles is entirely unaware that his journal is transmitting, at least before he speaks.]

Did any of you ever have any pets? Funny, I'm...not sure what most people keep as pets. Certainly not on other worlds. Dogs and cats, yes. Horses, um, i-if you have the space. Most people probably don't. Or, um, didn't, a-at least back home. Fish, although I...never saw the point of fish. Knew a few in college that even kept mice or, um, god forbid, rats.

But that was my world, and that...d-doesn't really count anymore, does it?

And even if you never kept a pet...well, you must have had a favorite animal, yes? For whatever reason. Everyone has to have a favorite animal, at some point. That can't be that different, between worlds, can it?'s always been dogs, for me. Dogs and, um, and horses. We had the room for them, back home. Learned to ride almost before I could fit into a saddle. Took to it rather well, if, um, if I say so myself. And dogs - my family were, um, always dog people.

...I certainly was.

But it's always cats around here. Honestly, I don't understand cats. [Said even as he scratches a loudly purring Edna behind the ears.] It's not as though we don't have enough room for a few dogs. They're quite useful. It would make searching for kidnapped villagers a great deal easier, a-and, um...

[With a soft sigh, he returns the ball to his pocket. Then, tone briefly hardening, he says the words that need to be said. Even if he doesn't quite know who he needs to say them to.]

Wishbone is gone. I...n-never really got around to asking him, about his world. H-Hope it's somewhere nice, though. Lots of books.Cut for a man missing his dog very much )

Edna, once again, nudges him out of his lost thoughts. Giles stares down at her almost as though he'd forgotten she was there entirely.]

...what are you so miserable about?

[He does an admirable job of hiding the shake in his voice.]

I know you'll just be happy to have the place to yourself again.
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[The journal turns on to the sound of very unhappy, very British mutterings.]

Honestly, just because I might have the good fortune to miss Halloween this year...really, Malnosso, no need to go to any difficulties on my account. I assure you, I would have found a way to soldier on.

At least they had better taste in costuming this year.

The state of the village isn't quite as horrific yet, at least. Yet. It's always "yet". Really, everything seems...almost familiar. though no one's quite gotten the play out of their system.

[A few minutes of silence go by, before Giles addresses the journal proper. The viewscreen shows that, despite being temporarily left out of any tale in particular, the Malnosso have decided to dress him up just in case.]

Hello, everyone. I'm, um, I'm...well, certainly hoping this is another experiment. Otherwise...well, no, this has to be an experiment. Fortunately, it seems to be a...reasonably patterned sort of experiment, at least. From what I've been able to observe.

Haven't had one of those in a while.

[Of course, Giles' luck being what it is, he's hardly going to remain unaffected for long. It all depends on who he comes across or what the will of Luceti decides to throw him into. He'll be wandering the village for the next long while - most of today and most other days. Observing is the main priority, while he's in any fit mental state to observe. When he isn't? Shaking off the grip of the story takes precedence over everything.

But what story will Giles have a part in telling?]

((ooc: Basically an alternative to the log post. got a thread idea, whether we've already plotted one out or not? Feel free to toss it up here if you want. However, for timeline's sake, assume that any action here takes place before Wednesday. Otherwise, pick the day you will.))

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[Unknown site tag]PART 1 - Night of the 7th

[It's dark.'s quiet.

...he can move. more videos. No more glimpses. No more reminders.


Giles, laying where the droids left him in the deepest recesses of the library, breathes a sigh of relief. His back hurts...a physical ache among all the dull, dead mental and emotional ones. It's almost reassuring. Something tangible, a reminder that he still exists, that he's not just an abandoned, empty consciousness watching lives that he's no longer a part of.

Even if the rest of the world has forgotten as much...

When he finally opens his eyes, Giles realizes that he's in a library. The last red rays of sunset filtering through a nearby window shows him that much.

For a second, an instant, he feels an instant of familiaritiy, bordering on actual homesickness. It's not a feeling whose source or reasons he can really identify...especially not in this state...and the feelings are there and gone in a second. Just long enough to make him hurt a little more.

Funny, it reminds him of the library in the village...

...which is not a pleasant sort of thought at all.

They can't have sent him back here. They just can't. Not after so much has changed...

It's a while before Giles gets up the courage to actually unlock the front doors and look outside. And his heart stops when he does.

It is the village. The village they took him long ago was it? Months. Years. But with the sun gone, the shadows left in its place makes everything seem...almost familiar. It's enough to make him ache for the days long past. For a while, Giles just...simply stands and stares out at the world around him, unable to rouse himself enough to move and see the changes for himself.

The only place he makes a point of stopping is the food store and the item shop, both of which he'll break into if they've closed already. Some food gets packed into a bag - food that will keep, food for a long trip, rations easily portable. He grabs some new clothes from the Item Shop that will fit him reasonably well.

Necessary tasks to keep himself alive done, Giles is left with trying to find a new way to avoid the problem at hand. The problem of being back, in a place that's moved on without him, in a place where he exists even less tangibly than he did back home. The last time he felt quite this dead was the first day he arrived, not knowing how long had passed or who would still be here to remember him or whether or not he'd already been buried.

He knows that there's no one here for him now.

Eventually, numb to the horrors, his steps fall unconsciously into the familiar attitude of patrol. Muscle memory briefly takes over mental memory, and he's glad of that. He's too tired to think, or accept, or cope. But walking the paths and watching for monsters?

That's something he can still do.

At the very least, he needs a new place to stay until he's well enough to make the walk to the beach and never, never come back.]

((ooc: Wishbone is chronologically first. I'm...pretty sure the easiest way to do this is to have Harth and Melaka be next to last, with Helios and Frederic being chronologically last, shortly after the attack with Giles going home.

Also, mallynap effect. Through clever use of sensory deprivation, mental torture, and video editing, Giles has been led to believe that he's actually been gone for months, bordering on years. For the week, he was left chained up to watch "video feeds" of what the scientists told him was the village. Obviously, it wasn't. Which is to say? He thinks you all gave up waiting for him and have entirely forgotten that he was ever here in the village. Expect a bit of defensiveness, disbelief, and disorientation. I'm playing it similar to how I play his memory loss - he might believe someone he trusts explaining to him otherwise, provided they have some proof or make a good case for themselves. But mental knowledge might not translate to rational behavior for a bit.

Physically? Well, he's still fighting off sedation and painkillers. Because yes, he's bleeding. The wound has largely clotted and scabbed over, but there is blood on the back of his shirt that will be pretty damn obvious. It's located between his wings, anyone giving him medical treatment will see scalpel injuries - once the blood is cleared off, it will be possible to see that the cuts form the word "Solus". It's not a big mark - think 9 or 10 point font.

Encounter him anywhere on patrol tonight.))

PART 2 - Morning of the 10th

[It's a couple of days later before the voice post goes out. Giles still sounds tired, and a little subdued, but some improvement has taken place, simply by virtue of time and a little support. His is the voice of a man who hasn't spoken up in a while and is a little uncertain about doing so.]

I hear new voices.

...are we really into a new cycle already? Good Lord, but the Malnosso are determined to make me as useless as possible, aren't they?

Anyway. [He clears his throat. The sound of a pencil absently tapping against paper can be heard.] Um. Hello, everyone. I'm back, for those of you who were, um, concerned. Doing quite well. [Which...isn't actually a lie. He is doing better. Almost well, even.]

A-And, um, to all the New Feathers...well, welcome to Luceti. You've probably had enough time to get settled in, at this point. But if you haven't, well, that is what the Welcome Center is for - answering any questions, helping people find places to live, just...making tea and letting you sort out your thoughts, if that's what you want.

We have a guest book, if you'd like to look it over. You might have friends here that you didn't expect. We even have a calendar, apparently, if you need help keeping track of anything. Lord knows, some of us still do. Luceti can be...unpredictable, at the best of times. can be nice, here. Scenery, weather, people...we've even picked up some new venues of entertainment, recently enough. It can also be very unpleasant. You'll find that out with your first experiment soon enough. But we help one another, here. You'll make friends, and...whatever can be done to help you get by will be done.

[It's far more hopeful than his annoucements used to be.] you for listening.

((ooc: Aaaaaannnnd because the mallynap return might be both hard to reply to and too angsty for some, have a part two! Just title your comment with "Part 2" if you're taking this one, to save me some puzzlement. Flatmates can feel free to assume that their replies to the message are handwaved. Friends checking in from Part 1 can also assume that's handwaved if they don't want to thread it out. If they do? Tag away.

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It has been a good few days. It's been quiet and a little lonely, isolation broken only by a surprise visit from Grune. But it's been good. For once, being alone in his own head proved to be a good thing for Giles. Those few days alone on the beach had given him time to think, to process, to deal with the events of the experiment and everything he'd lived through.

The sight of Twilight's...of
Angel's face twisted up in fear just before Giles delivered the killing blow has kept him warm on a few cold nights already, and he knows it won't be the last time. He feels...alive. He feels real. The sheer, exultant triumph of being able to kill his killer, coupled with the strange certainty of his soul having been read by Grell, have combined to steady Giles in a way that hasn't been possible for this long of a while in months upon months. And taking a few days to sort himself out on the beach, out of the way of the hustle and bustle and the concern of the many and sundry people that he seems to have surrounded himself with, has helped Giles realize that and comprehend it.

Even so. All good things. It's probably time to go back.

He packs up that morning and starts the walk back to the fort. There are a few tense, bad moments as Giles tries to sort out the teleporter, and several more when he does and has to sit quietly against the wall with his head in his hands, trying not to throw up, once he has sorted out the teleporter and found himself back in the barracks. But overall, a success. At least he arrived in one piece.

Giles stops off at home long enough to drop off his things. The last thing to be unpacked is the small glass jar of seashells - those that didn't wind up on a necklace of twine and given to Grune. But they were still quite nice shells, if he said so himself. No reason they should just sit in a jar.

That's when he realizes that he hasn't seen Ingrid in a while, and has she ever seen a seashell ? Has she ever been to the beach? Well, if she hadn't, they could go ahead and make a good start of it.

The first sign Giles has that something is wrong is when he checks the clinic for her. All right, he'd advised her to move out, to find a new place, but it had to be a good place to start. But his search proves fruitless, empty. Not only is there no sign of Ingrid, there's no sign of her bubble, of her equipment.

Would she really take that with her?

A filtered message to the girl breaks before Giles can so much as breath, and that's when the panic really sets in. He goes walking, then, searching the village for any sign of the girl, checking apartment buildings and the housing roster in the Welcome Center and asking after her in the shops.

It's the Item Shop where Giles finally realizes that his search is in vain. Because there, in the corner, bright and shiny and new, is a purple bicycle with a bell and a basket.

She wouldn't have left that for just anyone to take. She wouldn't have.

...she can't have.

He sounds...upset, when he finally musters up the energy to speak over the journals that afternoon. He and Ingrid had their fights, their arguments, their conflicts. There were things unsaid...things that will never now be said...that held them back. But he cared about her, he enjoyed her company, enjoyed guiding and protecting her, and the letter in his pocket shows him that the feeling was mutual.

And he will miss her.]

For those of you that knew her...

[He sighs, feeling so very tired and impossibly old.]

...Ingrid Grimmholtz has been sent home.

[He remembers the old mantra from Buffy - that they're always better back home - but he can't tell himself that for Ingrid. Not for the girl who spent her life in a bubble and had never so much as pet a kitten before arriving here.]

[Locked to Archie Kennedy and Robert Hastings]
She left letters for the both of you. I have them. I haven't read them. If you want them, I'll bring them by.

[Several seconds go by.]

...and, in case it wasn't terribly obvious, I'm back. Hello. It was quite a nice vacation while it lasted. I finally see what all the fuss is about with regards to that beach.

...still. [And here he tries to regain some of that peace, some of that good feeling, that's surrounded him like a new cloak all those days at the shoreline.]

Life goes on. is everyone?

[Find Giles around the village today - largely by the river, as he attempts to continue his newfound contact with Sona that has finally started going so well. He'll swing by the grocery store for fixings for dinner before he heads home, and spend most of the evening working on the boat. In another few days of good, hard work, the basic structure of the Unnamed Boat should finally be finished up.]

((ooc: Feel free to run into Giles before or after he realizes Ingrid is gone - just specify which. Location is very much flexible))
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Filtered to Helios Sprensonne and Frederic Chopin - 75% unhackable] )

[Broken Filter to Helios Sprensonne, Mizuno Ami, Archie Kennedy, and Alf]
Ami and I were talking[/Filter End], and we thought...

[Long, tense, horrified pause as Giles realizes that his filter just broke. He practically trips over his words when he speaks ]

...check that thought. If the four of you could just...let me know that you're, youre still here, I would greatly appreciate it. [Even though he knows that only three voices will be replying, he needs to know which three voices.]

Then we can move on to other matters with regards to our project.

Filtered to the Residents of House 40 and House 50 - 75% unhackable] )

[...right. Now that all of that is out of the way, it's time to deal with more pressing matters this morning.


The video feed turns on, showing the Battle Dome clinic ward. It turns until Giles' bedside table is shown. And the floor around it. And an unused bedside table from an empty bed.

Every flat surface for five feet is covered in bright flowers of all kinds. The effect is probably a little overwhelming, which is why Giles soon switches back to voice, sounding more than a little helpless and bewildered.]

Does anyone know what I might be able to do with a...truly exorbitant amount of flowers? And would anyone be willing to assist me in getting them there?

[A slightly bemused sigh.]

And to anyone who might have visited? I appreciate it, even if I wasn't quite aware enough at the time to say as much. But I assure you, I'm fine now. Hopefully, this will be the last time I find myself seriously injured for a good long while. And to think, I thought commandeering the manual would help me understand this place. I should have known better - computers can't be trusted.

Did I really miss the New Feather cycle? I'm sorry about that, everyone. all the New Feathers...well, welcome to Luceti. We're sorry to have you, but with any luck things will be far less difficult than they have been this past June. I would say that they couldn't get worse, but I know better, and I hope you do, as well. But, um [damn it, Giles, Paprika told you to cheer up a bit] really, June was an...anomaly, as far as horrible occurences goes. Really, under ordinary circumstances, it's quite nice around here. Lovely weather. Thankfully you arrived before winter hit. F-Feel free to ask any questions. I haven't been here very long, but I have friends who have been.

[Catch Giles around the village today. For a while, he'll be busy relocating the flowers out of the Battle Dome. Then a stop off at Seventh Heaven for real food. Finally, home again, home again. Giles will spend the rest of the day working on The Unnamed Boat.

He'll spend most of that night patrolling. He can't spend the rest of his time here jumping at the wrong shadows. With his recent encouter with Grell hanging over his head, it's gotten a little easier to shake off his fear of Angel.]

((ooc: The PMK crew can feel free to ignore the filter if they want - this is largely Giles' attempt not to walk into a house that's filled mostly with people he doesn't know. We can handwave the introductions if you want.))
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Total TL;DR largely taking place around the Welcome Center )

[Locked to Grell Sutcliffe - 100% unhackable] )

[It's a stupid, selfish idea. Above all, it's unfair to everyone who might have been worried about him while he was...gone. Helios and Frederic, at least. He doesn't know who else might have seen, heard, or been told after the fact. An announcement would have been made - of that he has no doubt. But in the aftermath of that day...well, who knows what got lost in the melee?

It's a stupid, selfish idea. But the prospect of going back to his life with that
uncertainty hanging over his head day in and day out is not one he feels fit to face, especially not now. The knowledge that said uncertainty must eventually fade, like it did before, is no help now. That healing process was agony and if he can avoid it...

Whatever answer the goddess of death gives him, it will be an answer - one he can depend on. Even if he doesn't know how much time he has left, at least he'll know where he's going.

That has to be better than not knowing at all.

And, indeed, Giles feels a little more sure of himself after scribbling the message to Grell. Sure enough that he can get to his feet and walk It's nearing the end of the night - if he steps lively, he might be able to meet Buffy back at House 7 as she's coming home from patrol. And after checking in there, whether or not she really does put in an appearance when he expects her to...well, home again, home again. It's about sunrise when he finally arrives

Whether or not the door to room twenty two is unlocked, Giles gets the door open and slips inside. He has no idea whether or not Helios or Frederic will be awake this early - their sleep schedules haven't always coincided, in the past - but he keeps quiet just in case. It's good to be home, and this place
is home, and for several seconds he just stands in the living room and...looks around.

Later, during a more reasonable hour of that morning, Giles will make a voice post to the village at large.]

Um...hello, everyone. I'm back, as I'm...sure you can tell for yourselves.

...I'm sorry if I worried anyone with my absence. It...wasn't intentional, I can assure you. Still, I am back now. Not...much the worse for wear, or so I've been able to gather so far. A-And if you didn't notice my absence...well, that's fine. You can just...feel free to ignore that bit.

I do have some good news. My eyes are, um, finally working properly again. If I had known that it would take what, what happened to finally sort them out...

[A sudden, strange, and decidedly bitter laugh. Not to say that there isn't any humor behind it, but...well, it's the Sunnydale way.]

...I wouldn't have done anything of the sort, actually, because that's...well, ridiculous. Sorry. Poor taste. Still, there's...a few of you that I've met since then that I've...never actually seen properly, aren't there? Funny how Luceti works sometimes.

[A pause, a pause with so much emotion and so much unsaid behind it. Finally, Giles settles on this.]

I would appreciate a filter if you want to lecture me for what happened. [He knows that a few of you probably do, and he knows that he deserves it.]

Beyond that...well, have I missed anything?

[Find Giles anywhere around the village today. No, seriously - anywhere, any point in the entire village and even around the outskirts of the forest. Hell, he'll even venture inside Good Spirits very briefly, just to soak up the signs of life. His surroundings seem almost unreal after over a month of blindness and half blindness, . With his glasses back on his face, everything is gorgeous and clear and sharp. He'll spend quite a while that day wandering aimlessly and taking in the view, readjusting to a world seen through his eyes. And occasionally stopping somewhere quiet to meditate, because old habits die hard.

Eventually, it's back home to work on the boat, dragging the necessary materials to make a sail behind him. Maybe "Maia" isn't such a bad name...]

((ooc: I know I said I'd post this tomorrow, but I heard that we're going to have plans tomorrow and the post is all written up so I figured...well, what the hell?

Your character can also run into Giles coming out of the Welcome Center or on his walking to House 7 or CH7, if they'd be out past midnight.))


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